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Unique Music, Songwriting, Recording, Video, Animation and Teaching for All Needs.

An invitation for collaboration and production

for creatives and everyone!

Piano Keyboard

WeCreate Plus - Steve and Dov - Rule The World (Take That Cover)

"I have seen children totally transformed by creating music with Steve. They love the sessions and form a wonderful relationship with him that impacts on their whole life, making them happy and positive.

The effects go way beyond the music created. I highly recommend Steve."

Melanie Coberman (Special Needs Teacher, Binoh, Norwood)

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Do you love music? Have you dreamed of recording songs? Have you wondered what it would be like to make a music video? Have you experienced the wonder of animating? Have you experienced virtual reality?

Are you a musician or creative looking for assistance or collaboration or looking for a producer or video editor for that song or music video you're working on?

Does your life need a new sense of vitality, creativity and hope?

WeCreate+ helps gives anyone of any age, ability and need, a sense of emotional and mental wellbeing and fun.

The impact can reach into all areas of your life, providing you with an outlet to creatively express feelings through music, words and creative technology.

WeCreate+ provides a safe environment where you can’t make mistakes.

And this can all be done online, in a wonderful studio, or in your home local to N3, North London.

WeCreate has been running for 5 years, and has been Steve's music, songwriting, recording, virtual reality, animation, music video teaching and collaboration service for children and young adults with all needs including Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, social and emotional difficulties.

Work With Children With All Needs

"I really like Steve because he can be funny and he always wants to make things the most professional. He's very patient unlike me who just wants to get everything done. I recommend Steve!"

Theo S. (8)

WeCreate Plus - Flying High
A song written by a 16 year old Steve produced and helped teach songwriting to.
 made the 360 virtual reality music video for a song about finding hope after experience bullying.
(Hot air balloon is stock footage)

WeCreate+ StevePaulSounds

Steve offers a wide range of creative, listening and watching services for all ages for everyone, with a specialism in helping people with conditions such as Autism, social and emotional difficulties, and ADHD.

WeCreate+ is the ambitious in-development expansion of WeCreate, welcoming musicians at all stages in their career to collaborate with Steve, enabling online collaboration sessions, encouraging songs with positive messages.

Other opportunities can be the focus or combined with the music, such as making videos, learning and creating animations, using virtual reality for making art, animation and 360 VR videos, and learning other creative software.


A new focus of the service is to create pieces of music and videos that have positive messages or bring healing to the service user and/or others.

When creating music, you can work from a music project with all Steve's best music samples and software instruments inside to use as starting inspiration, e.g. take a guitar part from a song you like to add to yours, or remix Steve's work.

WeCreate+ will offer anyone to submit poems or lyrics for free to be considered for use by the service users and most of these will be posted on social media.

Heal & Create aims to link up with charities in the near future, and sell the music created with a goal of having the music placed in TV and film.


Animation in Groups

Working in a special needs school, Steve co-ordinated an animation project with 5 students, teaching them animation skills and software

Steve's Collaborations and Productions Including Online

100 Voices - Is Everything Going To Be OK?
A live and online collaboration with 100 singers and musicians raising around £1000 for charity all produced by Steve.

(The hot air balloon and beach scene footage are stock footage)

AURORA's Warriors - The Seed (Cover)
A live and online collaboration with 12 musicians around the world.
(Original song written by AURORA - Everything else is new. Most of the production and video by Steve)


“I’m Mordechai Kestecher, a screenwriter, lyricist and poet. I met Steve as a music teacher when I attended the Binoh unit in Hendon during which time I hadn't had proper schooling since age 13. With the help of Steve's laptop and equipment, I recorded my first hit single "I might" which he worked on perfecting for years after I'd left


Steve and I collaborated on and off since my time in Binoh, he went on to help me master my writing skills, helped produce and edit my only successful film, and made an improved version of I Might (I Might Too), together with a music video.


Not only has Steve paid an unmeasurable contribution to my skills. I don't recall ever successfully producing anything without his direct help“

Mordechai Kestecher (Former student)

"Steve is calm and  patient with Theo who always looks forward to his sessions with Steve. We usually have to tear Theo away when they finish as he's having so much fun and always wants to do "one more thing".

"Steve has been working with my 8 year old son for over a year now. Initially we asked Steve to help my son create mapping movies, and although Steve was unfamiliar with this type of animation, he researched the subject and taught himself how to make them so he could teach Theo. With Steve's assistance, Theo has produced some fabulously creative and complex animations. He's learned how to use various animation and editing software programmes such as Pixelmator and Final Cut Pro. As Theo's interests change, Steve adapts what he does with him. They've created Theo's version of flight tracker as well as an online board game involving City Skylines. Most recently, Steve has taught Theo how to use data visualisation software, Flourish Studio,  so that he can create his own moving bar charts."

Jenny S. (Mother of current student Theo)

"I had the pleasure of attending a sound healing with StevePaul. The experience was extremely relaxing and profound. He is extremely professional and in touch with his deep sensitivity so he can encounter the other needs. I felt the energy flowing smoothly inside my body when he was playing all different instruments around me. I felt safe and free of experience my expansion. Definitely he created a safe space for me to be vulnerable and be received in many levels. Highly recommend it."

Moana Gangemi


Meet Steve in person or on Zoom for an introductory session to explore, try out, and show the possibilities of what we can create together. We can start a project and Steve will prepare something for you to play back later. 

Make a flexible plan for the future based on needs and ambitions.

Book sessions at Steve's studio, your home or online for songwriting, recording, producing music, singing, learning instruments in different styles using different techniques, making animations, music videos and animating in virtual reality, or immersing yourself in sound healing.

Collaborate with other WeCreate users in the same sessions or between others' sessions.

Have weeks, months or years of fun creating music and building confidence. 

Proudly share a CD, mp3, DVD or YouTube video to your friends and family.

Or show your 360 videos in a virtual reality headset.

Who knows,

it could be the start of a brand new career?

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Sessions are on zoom, in a home studio or in Finchley Central, North London, or at your home if you're nearby.

The home studio has a wide variety of regular and multi-sensory instruments,

and filmmaking, animation and virtual reality equipment,

in Finchley Central, North London.

Steve offers production services for any creatives. These include music and film editing and production, animation, 3D spatial audio conversions, adding frequency and binaural beats to your music and teaching these skills.

Sessions can range from 45 minute - 3 hours, depending on needs and concentration.

Sessions can be for one to four people aged 4 - 55.

Steve specializes in working with children aged 5 to 18 with mild to moderate learning difficulties, autistic spectrum and other disabilities.

Book a session at a time.

Contact Steve to discuss the price. This will vary depending on the length of the session and how many others are in the session, what you can afford, how much extra work Steve will put in outside the session, and special circumstances. Fees range from £10-£30 per hour.

Image by Morgan Marinoni

About Steve

Steve Paul is a musician, music producer, animator and film-maker,

who has years of experience within the special needs education sector,

including 8 years at Binoh, Norwood. He has worked on a charity music project, 100 Voices, with Number One artists and Brit Award nominees.

He has an NVQ in Children’s Care Learning and Development, a degree in Psychology, and a Masters degree in Creative Music Technology. He is training a Level 1 Sound Healing Certificate.

He holds a recent DBS (formerly CRB) certificate.

More about Steve

Contact Steve:

Tel: 07540 837830


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