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 Reach Your Musical and Artistic Potential.
Immerse yourself in a land of healing sounds
wonder, calm and creativity.


Welcome to Steve's unique service,

WeCreate+ where he provides music and video production collaborations for all needs in a studio or your home in London, UK, or online, one to one, or in groups.

Also offering immersive, healing sound experiences with unique instruments.

Plus lots more to explore, including offering virtual art galleries for your photos and paintings for you to publish online to promote yourself....

Steve Paul is a music producer video editor and producer, animator,

artist and teacher with 12 years experience with those with additional needs, and is studying sound healing.

He can't wait to help you reach the sky!

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"I have seen children totally transformed by creating music with Steve. They love the sessions and form a wonderful relationship with him that impacts on their whole life, making them happy and positive.

The effects go way beyond the music created. I highly recommend Steve."

Melanie (Special Needs Teacher, Norwood)

"I really like Steve because he can be funny and he always wants to make things the most professional. He's very patient. I recommend Steve!"

Theo S. (8)

Steve is a pleasure to work with. He is dedicated and meticulous and puts so much care and passion into every project he is working on. He’s really creative and brings lots of great ideas.

Sharon (Production collaborator)

“I’m Mordechai, a screenwriter, lyricist and poet. I met Steve as a music teacher when I hadn't had proper schooling since age 13. With the help of Steve, I recorded my first hit single "I might" which he worked on perfecting for years after I'd left. 


Steve and I collaborated on and off since my time in Binoh, he went on to help me master my writing skills, helped produce and edit my only successful film, and made an improved version of I Might (I Might Too), together with a music video.


Not only has Steve paid an unmeasurable contribution to my skills. I don't recall ever successfully producing anything without his direct help“

Mordechai K (Student)

We asked Steve to help my son create movies. With Steve's assistance, Theo has produced some fabulously creative and complex animations. He's learned how to use various animation and editing software programmes. As Theo's interests change, Steve adapts what he does with him. They've created Theo's version of flight tracker. Most recently, Steve has taught Theo how to use data visualisation software so that he can create his own moving bar charts.

Steve is calm and  patient with Theo who always looks forward to his sessions with Steve. We usually have to tear Theo away when they finish as he's having so much fun and always wants to do "one more thing".

Jenny S. (Mother of student Theo)

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve on collaboration projects in the past. He is incredibly passionate about his work and uniquely creative in all aspects of production. I look forward to working with him again in future.

Daniel Budden (Worldwide production collaborator)

"I had the pleasure of attending a sound healing with StevePaul. The experience was extremely relaxing and profound. He is extremely professional and in touch with his deep sensitivity so he can encounter the other needs. I felt the energy flowing smoothly inside my body when he was playing all different instruments around me. I felt safe and free of experience my expansion. Definitely he created a safe space for me to be vulnerable and be received in many levels. Highly recommend it."

Moana G (Sound Healing client)

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