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About Steve

Steve is passionate about the great benefits he sees when helping children to engage in their own creativity. He is a musician, animator and film-maker, who has over 12 years of experience within the special needs sector, including 8 years at Norwood, where he has worked with children with a wide range of learning, emotional and social difficulties. He has tutored students in music, animation and film production alongside mainstream educational subjects. 




Steve's professional qualifications include a degree in Psychology, a Masters in Creative Music Technology and a NVQ in Children’s Care Learning and Development.

He is also trained in child protection and safeguarding and many learning difficulty trainings. 


Other Music


His biggest musical production is called "100 Voices", a charity song with 100 singers which has raised around £1000 for several charities. For more information on Steve's music projects use the following link:

Testimonial from Mordechai Kestecher, a former student:


“I’m Mordechai Kestecher, a screenwriter, lyricist and poet. I met Steve as a music teacher when I attended the Binoh unit in Hendon during which time I hadn't had proper schooling since age 13. With the help of Steve's laptop and equipment, I recorded my first hit single "I might" which he worked on perfecting for years after I'd left. 


Steve and I collaborated on and off since my time in Binoh, he went on to help me master my writing skills, helped produce and edit my only successful film, and made an improved version of I Might (I Might Too), together with a music video.


Not only has Steve paid an unmeasurable contribution to my skills. I don't recall ever successfully producing anything without his direct help“

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